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Granite Kitchen Countertops

Posted on 09 April 2010 by admin

No matter how much one would love to experiment with kitchen décor and furniture combinations, when it comes to counter tops, granite kitchen counter tops are definitely a highly preferred kitchen redecoration addition. It adds elegance even to the simplest kitchens and it is by far the most easy-maintenance yet inexpensive material for kitchen counter tops. Add to this the variety in which it is available, be it in color, thickness etc, it becomes irresistible. You can choose from nearly 3000 colors that are available and the prices are dropping with growing demand, most of which is available in Edmonton locally. Rain or shine (meaning heat or water.) it will withstand it all. It rarely absorbs stains or cracks. Moreover, you are most likely to find the shade that will go with your cabinets too.

The kitchen countertop is probably the most abused space in the kitchen. Hot dishes straight from the stove land here, it houses our mixers, ovens and other appliances, if milk boils and overflows it falls over this, a dish slips from our hand and is all over the countertop, we chop our veggies on this… Wow. Every day we do so many things in one place. To stand this test of time and strain, granite kitchen countertops are the amongst the best. However, this doesn’t mean that the choice is limited; there is a wide range of possibilities that you can choose from. Start from natural stone, engineered stone, stainless steel, wood, concrete, glass, tiles, laminates…whew, just assess them and your needs and have it the way you like it.

However, many kitchen decorators and renovators recommend a granite kitchen counter top due to its umpteen pros and relative cons of its other peers. A stainless steel counter can be quite noisy, soapstone counters get darker over time, a marble countertop requires heavy maintenance. Moreover, granite is a good candidate also for do-it-yourself kitchen countertop installation. This refers to the lesser costing granite tile which is easier to install, not the modular or slab granite which would benefit from the help of contractors. Well, in any size, granite adds beauty and durability to your kitchen countertop. Consider it for your kitchen renovation project. Find granite kitchen countertops in Edmonton today.

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