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Kitchen Flooring Choices in Edmonton

Posted on 31 March 2010 by admin

Edmonton Kitchen FlooringThe kitchen is the most often visited place in a household. Every member of the family wanders into the kitchen for some reason or other. Therefore, the kitchen flooring has to look nice and be safe and sturdy too. Kitchen flooring choices are plenty, some add elegance, some are easy to maintain, durable, some are safe as in non slippery, no chipping etc. depending on your budget, needs and preference, you can settle for the one that you think suits you best. Wide varieties of  kitchen flooring are available in Edmonton. To help you make a better informed choice, this brief article can guide you through the various kitchen flooring choices.

First on the list is hardwood kitchen flooring. It definitely adds elegance and is softer and warmer than kitchen tiles, however, maintenance is an issue. Spills are inevitable in kitchens. If left for long, the moisture might cause permanent damage to the floor.

Laminate flooring is becoming very popular because you can get a design that will resemble wood, tile or stone. It is also cheaper and easier to maintain. However, if cracked it has to be replaced because it cannot be repaired.
Use of vinyl for kitchen flooring is the best option for the do-it-yourself enthusiasts because it comes as rolls that need to be laid down similar to carpets. It also offers great versatility because it can be dyed in different colors and patterns. It is also very durable and economical.

Ceramic tiles come in various sizes ranging from tiny mosaics to 24”x24” and more. There are hundreds of designs that look like natural stone, wood planks, leather and wallpaper designs too. This is durable and stain-resistant but is very hard on your feet and back.

Most often, kitchen flooring is the first step in kitchen designing. The rest of the theme is developed based on this. Whatever your choice is for kitchen flooring when shopping in Edmonton, just remember that it has to be non slippery, tough, durable and good looking too.

See listings below for kitchen flooring suppliers and businesses in Edmonton:

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