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Edmonton Kitchen Ceramics

Posted on 09 April 2010 by admin

Ceramics find a place almost everywhere in the kitchen be it the flooring, backsplash, counters and sinks. The wide variety of sizes and designs that are available in ceramic tiles are all the rage for kitchen designers, remodelers and do-it-yourselfers. This brief article outlines and discusses the most preferred and most widely used kitchen ceramics.

Kitchen ceramics are best known for their durability, cost effectiveness and the seemingly infinite number of colors and shapes in which they are available. Their size typically ranges from squares of 1 inch to 24 inches. Depending on where they are to be used (on the floor, counters, backsplash etc), you can choose different sizes. If you have a small kitchen, use 12 inches or lesser sized tiles for flooring, lest it might over shadow the décor. It matches almost all decorating styles. All types of kitchen ceramics can be found in Edmonton kitchen ceramics stores. If guided properly and with patience, you can do it yourself too. Remember to always buy a few extra tiles because some might break during installation. Maintenance is also easy. However, in low temperature conditions they might be too cold for your feet.

Installing a ceramic tile back splash is a great idea to give a new look to your kitchen. Moreover, you should consider these few tips on how to do it yourself. This is sure to cut down on your expenses and it is not a very daunting task to do. While buying kitchen ceramics for the back splash, carry samples of the other décor so that you can co-ordinate colors, sizes and shapes with ease. Take the right measurements and also a list of tools needed for the job.

Clean and even the surface to lay down the tiles and test the measurement by dry fitting them. Read the instructions carefully before applying the adhesive. Never apply it to a vast area. Set one tile at a time and remove excess adhesive from in between. Once dry, grout the joints. Read and follow all the instructions on the grout package. Should you need more help or any clarification log online and access many videos on this topic. Many renovators and DIY’ers upload helpful instructional videos on popular video sharing sites.
Kitchen ceramic counters also stand up well to the daily wear and tear of kitchen use. This too can be done by you in the same manner as back splash. Match your flooring, back splash and counters with a ceramic sink and you will have a visually enticing and functionally convenient kitchen.

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