Kitchen Sink Guide

Posted on 31 March 2010 by admin

Edmonton Kitchen SinksA thing of beauty is a joy forever, isn’t it? Well, to keep your beautiful kitchen remaining clean and tidy, a kitchen sink is the most important element. It has to withstand daily wear and tear, go along with the rest of the kitchen theme and meet your requirements. Below is just a gist of the options available for your kitchen sink shopping. This should help you choose the right one.

Based on installation, a kitchen sink could be under mount or drop in. Under mount sinks give a minimized look to the kitchen because they are mounted beneath the countertop. Drop in sinks are easier to install because they just have to fit on the top of a counter cut-out. All the debris from the counter can just be pushed in to the under mount sink because there isn’t even the rim to obstruct you. However, this could subject it to more blockages. You can encounter this trouble even if you have a drop in sink, so make sure your sanitary fittings are done efficiently and be mindful of what you put in to your sink.
Irrespective of how your kitchen sink is installed, there is a wide variety of materials that sinks come in available in Edmonton. Stainless steel sinks are very popular because they look elegant, are easy to clean and match almost all kinds of counter tops. That is, it does not look out of place even on granite, laminate or wood counters. A granite sink on a granite counter will also look good and is functional too. Ceramic sinks are also popular because they gel well on any material counters and offer modern design.

It is not difficult to suit your kitchen sink to your specific needs. Single, double or even triple bowl sinks are available in different depths. Depending on the purpose (whether utensils will be washed or just to help in cooking), as well as the amount of use and space available, choose a sink that will look good and is functional too. There are a wide variety of kitchen plumbing and decor stores in Edmonton supplying all types of kitchen sinks.

See listings below for kitchen sink suppliers and businesses in Edmonton:

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