Edmonton Kitchen Cabinets Renovation

Posted on 09 April 2010 by admin

A kitchen has utensils, jars, crockery, glassware, cans, tins and more of various types and sizes. Imagine how unkempt the place would look if you did not have the most useful and integral part of the kitchen which is the kitchen cabinets section. In a sense, these are the organizers of your kitchen. It is therefore important that they look good and are looked after well. It is an easy affair to keep your kitchen cabinets look sparkling and new always. Paint them — That is the mantra. For those of you who think painting is a big job perhaps this little summary below will help convince you otherwise.

Before you begin, look at your cabinets, assess if you need to resurface them with new lining or if just painting is sufficient. Resurfacing means replacing the doors, the knobs, the drawer fronts, latches etc.  Resurfacing can be done with plywood or self adhesive covering that can be stuck or ironed.

Staining and varnishing your wooden kitchen cabinets is also a great idea. If you will use a darker stain, do it directly. In case you decide to use a lighter stain than the existing one, sand the cabinets first so that the lighter color applies. Once stained, varnish all over with long strokes with a water proof product. Preferably, a well-ventilated area is better for this purpose. Painted cabinets are great candidates for changing the whole look of your kitchen just by changing the color.

The first thing you need to do is choose the right paint and the right color. Whether your kitchen cabinets are of metal, painted wood, stained wood or melamine, choose the paint appropriately. Generally, oil based products are a better choice because they withstand the daily wear and tear better – especially the humidity. So, get ready with the requirements. Then unfasten all the doors, latches, knobs etc. keep them aside and clean the surface area thoroughly. Sand the same lightly and apply a coat of primer, let it dry and then sand it again before you apply the first coat of paint. Applying many thin coats gives a better finish than one or two thick coats. Don’t be in a hurry to finish the work or to see the splendid results. Leave sufficient time between the coats. Preferably choose a well ventilated place. Once fully dried, fix the newly painted doors with new hardware. Find the needed supplies in Edmonton kitchen cabinet stores and renovation centres. This completes your cabinet painting and refinishing.

See listings below for kitchen cabinet suppliers and businesses in Edmonton:

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